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WC8VOA will return to Caesar Creek this year. ...

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Not park news but special event. K8PRC will be running a special event station at Ft. Laurens in Bolivar celebrating there 100 year anniversary as a state memorial. Should be on the air around 10:00 am. ...

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KA8OCG will activate Buck Creek State Park. ...

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The following Lake White Status update was posted to the Yahoo Group this evening:

Hello OSPOTA fans,

Checking with both ODNR and ODOT this is the information I was able obtain:


"Sunesis Construction was awarded a contract for approximately $31.7 million to complete the project, and the revised schedule for completion is slated for August 2017."

Traffic Updates

PIK-552 Traffic Changes

S.R. 552 has been reopened at its junction with S.R. 104 following turn-lane construction and roadway reconstruction at the routes' intersection. In addition, C.R. 105 (Forest Hills Boulevard) has been reopened at its south junction with S.R. 104 and S.R. 552 following roadway reconstruction and a slip repair.

PIK-104 & 551 CLOSURES

S.R. 104 remains closed between its junction with S.R. 552/C.R. 105 (Forest Hills Boulevard) and S.R. 551, and S.R. 551 is also closed between S.R. 104 and C.R. 93 (Bricker Road). S.R. 104 continues to be detoured via U.S. 23, while S.R. 551 motorists will be detoured by way of S.R. 220 at Wavely. The closures will be in effect through the end of the project.


Based on that information and also the information we have in the OSPOTA rules about State Park Status which says:

"If an Ohio State Park is deleted or closed for some reason by ODNR, delete it from the OSPOTA Identifier List. This has to be done since access to the property may not be possible. If an Ohio State Park is added by ODNR, DO NOT add it to the OSPOTA Identifier list. The new Ohio State Park (or re-opened State Park) will not be recognized as part of the OSPOTA contest until the following year. This will ensure long term planning is not disrupted for contestants."

Therefore - Lake White Ohio State Park will not be activated for OSPOTA 2017. Since they 'think' it might be done in August 2017. This does not allow adequate time for those making long range plans.

Personally, I'd stay clear of it just in case. There's bound to be construction activity and your presence there may get in the way. Hopefully if they do give Lake White the 'all clear' by the end of 2017, we'll add it back on our list in 2018.

I hope all of you understand this and know that we would rather be safe than sorry. Remember, when you are at an Ohio State Park and involved in OSPOTA - as far as the rangers are concerned - you ARE OSPOTA. And, we must keep on their good side to ensure future OSPOTA activities.



OSPOTA Chairman

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A post I made this morning got shared over to the parks on the air group where it is generating a lot of interest for our contest.

I'd like to request that anytime you're talking up OSPOTA, please mention that it would be a good idea to include the higher bands (20,15,10) in their operating plans. Thanks to the Parks on The Air program, there will be people all over the country, and world looking to make contact with Ohio parks.

This means more points for all of us.

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